Top 50 Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs

If you are interested in helping goods and information flow from one place to another, you might be a good fit for logistics and supply chain careers. A logistics career can be very rewarding, especially since it requires specialized skills and abilities. You can be quite helpful to businesses — especially those that operate internationally. Indeed, those who are educated in logistics can find quite lucrative careers and higher places in the management hierarchy.

If you are interested in learning more about logistics and supply chain, and how it benefits business, you can read these 50 blogs on logistics and supply chain:

Supply Chain

These blogs deal specifically how products get from Point A to Point B. Learn more about what goes behind supply chains, and how they help keep the economy humming.

  1. The 21st Century Supply Chain: This blog looks at how supply chains work in this new century.
  2. Supply Chain Management Review: Get the latest news and information related to theories of supply chain management.
  3. Supply Excellence: A look at the practices that contribute to excellent supply chain management. A strategy blog.
  4. Supply Chain Blog: News, headlines and ideas related to supply chain issues.
  5. Supply Chain Management: This blog from offers great insights into logistics and supply chain management.
  6. Supply Chain Network: Get insights and more from supply chain insiders. A great place for news, information, and theories.
  7. @ Supply Chain Management: Commentary, thoughts and more related to supply chain management. A great resource.
  8. SupplyChainBrain: News, information, helpful hints and latest happenings in the world of supply chain. Connect with others as well.
  9. Supply Chain Matters: Headlines, commentary and ideas related to supply chain issues.
  10. Green Supply Chain Network: A great place to go if you are interested in keeping your supply chain green.
  11. Supply Chain Management Job Guide: This blog features posts on looking for jobs in the field of supply chain management.


Learn about planning, information and how to everything has to move in order to get to where it is going as efficiently as possible. These interesting blogs will help you find more insight into the planning end.

  1. Freight and Logistics News: Latest news and headlines related to logistics and freighting.
  2. All about logistics and getting things done with your supply chain.
  3. Logistics: Interesting stories about logistics, from a trusted business news source.
  4. Logistics Management: Learn more about logistics, and properly managing so that you have what you need.
  5. Logistics Quarterly: This trade publications offers insights, commentary and interviews — all online.
  6. Logistics World: News and headlines surrounding the world of logistics management. Also includes transportation and information news.
  7. Telstar Logistics: Information and news about different types of transportation, and how it is coordinated.
  8. Freight Dawg: Learn more about logistics, freight transport and supply chain management.
  9. Warehouse Management: Oracle offers a helpful blog on the logistics of warehousing and distribution.
  10. Sourcing Innovation: Logistics and supply chain news and information. Keeps you up to date on what’s happening and how it could affect you.
  11. Blogs in Logistics: Get access to different professionals and read their latest posts on logistics and management.

Project Management

It is vital that those involved in logistics and supply chain understand the basics of project management. When you work in logistics and supply chain, you are in charge of projects that take up time and resources. You should be well-versed in how to use these things efficiently.

  1. Project Shrink:  A look at social systems and project management. A great resource in a global world.
  2. Herding Cats: Learn about managing people and projects. Helpful insights for any logistics professional.
  3. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management: An inside look at project management.
  4. PM Hut: The Project Management Hut offers insights into efficiently using your time and better managing your projects.
  5. Better Projects: Helpful hints for those looking to improve their supply chain and logistics projects.
  6. Raven’s Brain: Insights, hints and ideas related to managing projects and people.
  7. Project Management Bistro: Great ideas on management.
  8. Project Management Student: Helpful and basic insights that can aid you as you improve your performance.
  9. Zen, Project Management, and Life: Great topics related to management. Can help you with logistics and supply chain issues.
  10. PM Think: Thought leadership that can help you develop skills for supply chain management and logistics.

Business Administration

Because supply chain and logistics are such a big part of business, it can help you to do your job more effectively if you have a grasp of basic business concepts. These business administration blogs will help you learn to better set things up with positive business outcomes in mind.

  1. Dr. Scott’s Business Blog: Helpful information on leadership, management and more.
  2. Small Business Information: Learn more about running a small business.
  3. Daily Dose: More on business and entrepreneurship.
  4. Business Management Ideas: Helpful hints on management that can help you with supply chain and logistics from the Harvard Business Review.
  5. Business Management ABCs: Insights into business administration and management.
  6. Customer & Management Blog: Great insights on customers and other items necessary for the development of business acumen.
  7. The Business Management Blog: Learn about managing a mid market business.
  8. Decision Management: This blog can help you learn about decision making — which can help you in your logistics work.

Business Information Technology

Understanding the importance of technology and information in business is key to successful supply chain and logistics. These blogs can help you better use all of the tools available to you.

  1. SCM Community – Toolbox for IT: This great blog offers information on supply chain form an information technology standpoint.
  2. The TEC Blog: This blog is committed to helping you evaluate technology, and addresses issues of importance in logistics and supply chain technology.
  3. Modern Materials Handling: A look at the materials used today, providing interesting insight into technology and its uses.
  4. RFID +: Considers how RFID technology can be used in supply chain and logistics.
  5. Buyer Analytics: Information about buying and technology, aimed at procurement specialists.
  6. Agile Blog: Learn how to be more flexible and adaptable as you manage supply chains with software.
  7. Technology & Your Business This Week: Look at technology and how it can help a business.
  8. Andrew McAfee’s Blog: Offers insights into the way IT impacts business.
  9. CTO Blog: More on IT, technology and issues that can help you learn to be a better supply chain manager.
  10. Information Technology Blog: Keep up with what is happening in business and information technology.
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