PhD In Logistics

A PhD in logistics is a comprehensive and extensive program whose primary focus is the operations and maintenance of supply chain management as well as transportation and other aspects of this industry. Student s who undertake the PhD in Logistics programs are exposed to a wide and in depth study, research the development, theories, themes and strategies that are involved in the practical field of supply chain management and logistics modeling. Other primary areas of focus include the operations involved in supply chain management and transportation. In the course of the program and upon completion of this Doctoral degree students gain critical skills in purchasing, forecasting, inventory and assembly. Skills that serve as a platform in providing students with an understanding of supply chain relationships as well as the management of demand on this supply chain.
Candidates who take up PhD in Logistics will gain skills and competencies in empirical and analytical methods Students will learn to utilize their expertise in a professional setting. Most of the programs are taken by full time students who are expected to dedicate their time and resources to research and development that is accompanied by technology intensive methods of learning.

These programs are characterized by methods of learning that are largely focused on tasks of researching, writing and editing of the dissertation; tasks that may take a long time to complete and thus a PhD student undertaking a program in Logistics is mostly occupied with the completion of the comprehensive dissertation which is presented and defended in the presence of a panel which has the mandate to determine if the candidate has met the fundamental requirements and is thus suitable to graduate. Core areas of study under a PhD in Logistics program include:
• Transportation economics
• Supply chain technology
• Modeling logistics
• Methods of statistical research
• Logistical systems

Most of the PhD in Logistics programs are very much sought after and are some of the most competitive in terms of the requirements for admission. This is especially true for those who are seeking to get admission in some of the top schools and PhD programs in the country. Most of these programs require that the applying candidate to have at least a bachelor’s degree with very high credentials that are recognized in the country and by the admitting institution. Most programs also require that the applying candidate have a master’s degree in a field that is relevant or related to the PhD in Logistics programs that that they plan to undertake. However some institutions of higher education offer programs in which a candidate may pursue their Master’s while pursuing their PhD program. In addition to these requirements, a candidate must show GMAT scores that are strong as well as relevant work experience.

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