Job Responsibilities and Career Opportunities with a PhD in Logistics

The field of logistics is concerned with the flow of supplies (tangible or intangible) to keep up with demand from the general public. With a PhD in this field, you’ll be eligible for some of the most high-paying positions in logistics, which are also those that come attached to the most responsibilities. For those who thrive in leadership roles, a PhD in logistics could be a great choice.

Job Responsibilities with a PhD in Logistics

Your responsibilities on a daily basis will depend on the specific logistics job you take upon graduation. With a PhD in logistics, you’ll typical take on a management or administration role, working with a team to ensure that the flow of supply and demand is balanced. If you take a practical job in logistics, some of the specific fields you could go into include warehouse management, international logistics, sales, and transport.Your daily tasks could include everything from managing inventory to figuring out the best ways to decrease loss and increase profits.

Logistics Career Opportunities

Earning a PhD in the field of logistics does make it possible for you to take some of the most advanced jobs in the field, but you can still move forward in your career over the years. As someone just starting out in logistics, even with a PhD, you’ll likely work closely with others in your company or even as part of a logistics team. As you gain experience in the field, you’ll take on more responsibilities and move into management positions. You can even work as a logistics consultant, a job in which you’ll work with a number of clients to help them solve logistical problems in their business.

Logistics Education

In order to enter a PhD program in logistics, you must first earn a master’s degree in logistics or a related (many students opt to earn an MBA specializing in logistics). Many PhD programs also require you to have work experience in this field before applying, though this is not a criteria at every school. Logistics programs prepare you for practical work in this field, or you can go into teaching or research, depending on your skills and interests. Most colleges have PhD programs that can be tailored to fit what you want in an education.

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Northcentral University -- Northcentral University's PhD in HR Management, DBA in Management, and DBA in Project Management all focus on best practices in management for effective leadership that gets projects done and keeps employees happy and productive. These courses are designed for working professionals and continuing students alike to complete at their own pace.

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