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18 Leading Logistics Management Companies You Haven’t Heard of

Logistics is a complicated and profitable field. But, it’s not one of the most well known fields in the world. Unless you’re in the logistics fields, you’ve likely never heard of many of the biggest companies that manage logistics for their clients all over the world. Some of these companies manage the physical transportation of goods, while others are consulting firms that help their clients improve their own logistics processes and systems. Even if you are in the logistics fields, some of these are probably new to you.

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Top 50 Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs

If you are interested in helping goods and information flow from one place to another, you might be a good fit for logistics and supply chain careers. A logistics career can be very rewarding, especially since it requires specialized skills and abilities. You can be quite helpful to businesses — especially those that operate internationally. Indeed, those who are educated in logistics can find quite lucrative careers and higher places in the management hierarchy.

If you are interested in learning more about logistics and supply chain, and how it benefits business, you can read these 50 blogs on logistics and supply chain:

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19 Logistics Experts Worth a Follow on Twitter

Careers in logistics are on the rise. Our complex global business economy requires that the management of the flow of goods, information and other resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption be performed in a way that is cost effective, customer friendly and economical. Some companies are even employing green methodologies in their logistics requirements in order to use resources more wisely.

Whether you have years of experience in the logistics field or you’re new to it, these Twitter accounts can help you make the most of your career. Whether you’re interested in learning about new innovations in the logistics field or you’re looking for a job; these 19 Twitter accounts that provide information about some area of the logistics field are sure to be helpful.

  1. WFP Logistics: This organization is dedicated to the World Food Program. Their logistics department ensures all the food going through the program gets where it is supposed to go. Their systems and planning will leave you amazed.
  2. Freight Forum: Freight Forum is the web’s only free trade & logistics portal.
  3. Inbound Logistics Magazine: This is an educational resource for business managers seeking to better match demand to supply and orient operations to support that shift. This site offers some great insight that can be used in your organization. The magazine keeps up with everything that’s up and coming in the world of logistics, regardless of your industry.
  4. Logistics Manager: All the news from the UK’s leading logistics magazine.If you’re the logistics manager for an organization in the UK, this is a magazine you should be reading. You’ll stay up to date on all the news and innovations that help logistics managers succeed.
  5. Logistics Portal: Leading Logistics Shipping Portal for Exporters, Importers, Forwarders, 3PL’s, Airlines, Ocean Freight, Trucking, Supply Chains, and International Trade.
  6. Logistics Jobz: Help in finding a job in the logistics field from an Executive Recruiting firm specializing in filling logistics positions. Whenever there are great new jobs open in the logistics field, they’re posted here. So, whether your company needs a logistics manager, or you’re a logistics expert looking for a new job, this is a great site for you.
  7. Out Logistics: Outsourced Logistics is dedicated exclusively to serving top level executives and managers who are buyers and providers of outsourced logistics services.
  8. Optimal Logistix: Global Logistics Management Consultants. This company helps other companies improve their logistics organizations, helping them save money and provide better service to their customers.
  9. Logistics Editor: Sideways look at the developments in logistics from the editors of Logistics Manager and Supply Chain Standard.This is a very well known publication in the logistics world and offers plenty of insight, advice and news that is relevant to those in the logistics field.
  10. Get Logistics Jobs: Job website designed specifically for filling logistics positions.
  11. Logistics Online: Large logistics, transportation and supply chain solutions company in Pennsylvania.
  12. Logistics Coach: Wayne Pearce is a former Rugby Player and Fox Sports Commentator who now offers executive coaching in logistics.
  13. Wireless Logistics: Wireless Logistics is a leading provider of mobile barcoding and RFID automated data collection solutions. They are based in Coral Springs Florida.
  14. Strive Logistics: Large logistics company based in Chicago, IL.
  15. Women in Logistics: Global organization for women in the logistics business.
  16. Interride Logistics: Information on third party logistics organizations.
  17. Logistics Forums: An organization that connects senior logistics and supply chain professionals for networking.
  18. Auto Logistics: The leading publication and event organizer covering all aspects of the global automotive logistics and supply chain management sector.
  19. Logistics Jobs: Atlanta based recruiter specializing in filling various logistics positions.

As you can see, Twitter offers lots of information for those in the field of logistics. Regardless of the industry your company is in; there are new innovations in logistics happening nearly every day. Use these Twitter experts to help you stay up to date on all that’s going on in the field of logistics.