18 Leading Logistics Management Companies You Haven’t Heard of

Logistics is a complicated and profitable field. But, it’s not one of the most well known fields in the world. Unless you’re in the logistics fields, you’ve likely never heard of many of the biggest companies that manage logistics for their clients all over the world. Some of these companies manage the physical transportation of goods, while others are consulting firms that help their clients improve their own logistics processes and systems. Even if you are in the logistics fields, some of these are probably new to you.

  1. Wavechange: Wavechange is a logistics consulting company. They work with other companies who are looking to improve their in house logistics organization.
  2. Logistics Bureau: This is another logistics consulting company. They have offices in Australia and Asia and primarily work with companies who ship in these regions.
  3. LTD Management: This company, based in Philadelphia, works with some of the largest retailers to help them with logistics.
  4. The Progress Group: The Progress Group, located just outside Atlanta, is one of the country’s leading logistics consulting firms. They help their clients improve their logistics processes.
  5. Management Dynamics: This firm offers a supply chain visibility solution that helps their clients manage logistics.
  6. CTM: Canadian Transportation Management is a firm that offers global logistics and transportation management consulting.
  7. Sedlak: Sedlak is a management consulting firm specializing in logistics.
  8. Cornerstone Solutions: Cornerstone works with companies to help them develop the right logistics plan so that they can succeed.
  9. KOM International: This logistics consulting firm specializes in supply chain management, warehouse consulting and distribution center logistics.
  10. Diamond Management Group: Diamond Management offers custom freight and transportation savings programs. They work with companies to help them save money on transport.
  11. Kompass: Kompass is a leading materials management and logistics company that does business all over the world.
  12. EA Hunter: EA Hunter is one of the leading third party logistics management companies in the US.
  13. At Last Fulfillment: Located in Denver, Colorado, At Last is a leading provider of integrated outsourced solutions. They offer software and systems that help their customers manage logistics internally.
  14. Logistic Dynamics: Logistic Dynamics is a leading third party logistics solution partner.
  15. Spinnaker Management: Spinnaker Management, located in Denver helps their clients solve logistics problems, via consulting, business processes and technology. They are a small company, but they’re growing fast and gaining lots of new clients.
  16. Transportation Insight: This small company, located in Hickory, NC, is devoted to offering their clients’ logistics solutions that give them measurable savings right away.
  17. Coyote Logistics: This Georgia based freight shipping company uses web based technology to move products from manufacturing and distribution centers to retailers. It’s a fast growing company that has recently acquired another company, Integra Logistics.
  18. TQL: TQL, based in Ohio, specializes in moving produce, and fresh and frozen foods throughout North America. They offer their own internal software that allows their clients to route loads and track shipments.

These are just a few of the many logistics companies throughout the country that work to help their customers get their products where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Logistics has become a very hot topic in the business world. This is, in part, because logistics is viewed as an area where a lot of money can be saved through innovation, cost saving measures and new technology.

However, as much as companies want to save money through improved logistic plans, there are times when they can make no compromises. Products, especially when fragile or perishable, must get where they need to be on time and intact.

This combination of need for continuous improvement in efficiency while not compromising quality in shipping has led to a tremendous demand for logistics experts who can deliver the goods… literally. If you’re pursuing this important field, you’re sure to find that there are lots of job opportunities and lots of new companies coming into the marketplace who will be working to bring their customers the best in logistics services.

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